Sophia Koopman: Mr & Mrs Smith Q&A

Chic, charismatic and well-connected curator Sophia Koopman is a woman after our own hearts: a globetrotting tastemaker who selects the best of the best for her demanding clients (sounds a little like someone we know). Heading up Koopman Contemporary Art, Sophia travels the world to source creative pieces and super-talented international artists to showcase in venues from luxury hotels and public spaces to private homes. Sophia’s innovative approach is to develop a strong partnership with young artists in the infancy of their career, so she can mentor them and connect them to key collectors and designers. Here, she gives us the inside scoop on scoping out new creativity…

Who’s on your art hot-list right now? I love sculptors Merete RasmussenPetr Weigl (right), Julian Wild and Martha Winter, ceramicist Loretta Braganza… the list is endless. My business partner has done a superb job in sourcing amazing artists – take a peek at Koopman Contemporary Art for a sneak preview of what else is available.

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