Rous Iland and Koopman Contemporary Art Collaboration

Rous Iland and Koopman Contemporary Art bring a successful synergy between art and business.

11-12 Dover Street , W1 brings a unique and very special back drop for Rous Iland’s lifestyle emporium – combining with Koopman Contemporary Art to provide a new creative space in the heart of the West End.

Koopman Contemporary Art aim to host a rolling programme of high- profile shows and events , including visual arts and installations.

From internationally acclaimed and well-established artists to emerging talent, Koopman Contemporary Art strives to engage, inspire and provide a talking point around fashion, design and art.

During April we usually think about the start of a new financial year and with some kind of link to Kara and Claire’s backgrounds as lawyers Koopman Contemporary Art brings to the fore, artist Adam Dant, whose eccentric Hogarthian style gives us a comic look and reminder of the start of the debt crisis and the fallen world of high finance today.

The Triumph of Debt
2,5m x 2m pen on paper

Jubilee Tour 2012

Original prints by Chris Levine featuring HM may be a good way to remember this special year and to start your art collection, after paying our taxes 31 January 2012.

Lightness of Being
Lenticular edition

“A Guide to Buying Art” by Olvia Platt-Hepworth

According to Philip Mould

“contemporary art is about fashion, marketing, zeitgeist and speculation. There is a real thrill , shock and excitement with buying a Damien Hirst piece, which will elicit a completely different feeling for the buyer than an old master would”.

According to Olivia Platt-Hepworth

“buying Contemporary art also allows buyers to purchase works that are often more financially achievable and can be a good place for first time buyers to dip their toe in the water”.

Mayfair Times Magazine

Art is like medicine – it can heal

Although Damien Hirst requires no introduction, on being asked about the title of the Pharmaceutical Series – 1991-1996 he says

“I just bought this book the whole book is called the physicians desk reference and it has got every drug in it. It’s a catalogue of drugs that you can buy, pharmaceuticals that you can buy . It was just an afterthought to name them after drugs based on this book.”

In the spot paintings the grid like structure creates the beginning of a system. On each painting no two colours are the same.

“I once said that the spot paintings cold be what art looks ike viewed through an imaginary microscope. I have also said that I once took pills when I was a child thinking they were sweets. Several reviewers picked up on this as a reason for the pharmaceutical paintings.

Sophia Koopman
Koopman Contemporary Art

 Damien Hirst, Ellipticine, 2007
 Etching on 350 gsmHahnemuehlepaper
 43.5 x54.5 cm